With extensive experience in Australia and New Zealand as practicing locum Optometrists, Jeremy and Matt founded Skilled Locums to introduce accountability to locum Optometry. 

Jeremy Cutting

Jeremy Cutting divides his time between clinical practice and the demands of Skilled Locums recruitment. Graduating from QUT in 2008, he is particularly interested in the role of optometry working along side Ophthalmology in private and hospital settings. Jeremy's years of experience working in a diverse range of practices allows him to acutely recognise critical features of successful retail optometry. 

Jeremy enjoys the travel involved with locum optometry, often required in response to last minute requests. Of all the remote locations he visits Camooweal, Western Queensland is probably the most lengthy commute from Melbourne at around 8hrs. 





Matthew Pease

Matthew Pease is a full-time locum optometrist, with a focus on patient communication and care. Since 2007,  he has worked in both private and corporate optometry across Australia and New Zealand. Matthew is also an integral part of the regional eye health team of Optometrists and Ophthalmologists that service the Aboriginal communities of Central and Northern Queensland.

Matt has taken a focus on corporate practice, reducing the workload of state and regional managers. Introducing optometrists to, and helping them adapt to the corporate framework has been a rewarding focus for 2018.